If a little effort and a little money from each of us combine to give new life to people who are oppressed right now, why not?!

Helpful Links

Let's do it! How do I register?
Go to this page to sign up as an individual (your parent will need to help you and sign the waiver for you), and you'll see places to tell us who you are planning to form a team with and which Wave you choose (undecided is fine). Each swimmer will register individually.

What is included in my registration fee?
You will receive a t-shirt (made by Freeset, a Fair Trade Guaranteed company— read more below), swim cap, and food at the event, not to mention being part of something awesome!

What happens if our team doesn't find enough swimmers?
If you can't find 6 or more swimmers, don't sweat! 6 is the minimum to qualify for team prizes, to help us offset event costs, but we'll still let you fundraise and swim even if you don't have 6.

We may move swimmers between teams as needed to even things out, although we'll do our best to keep you with your peeps!

Can my parent or friend volunteer to help with the event?
Absolutely! It takes about 70 volunteers on event day to make Freedom Swim happen.

You'll see a place in the registration to indicate what roles you'd enjoy.

Where can I see a size chart for your t-shirts?
Right here: Freeset size chart. Freeset tees are fair trade and organic, made in Kolkota, India, by people affected by oppression & poverty. Read the Freeset story. We're so glad to be putting this registration fee towards helping survivors thrive in a new life!

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?
First check our website: www.freedomswim.org, then if you still have a question, use the website to contact us.