Freedom Swim is an event organized by volunteers who are using their passion to partner with International Justice Mission (IJM) to end slavery in our lifetime.

Slavery Today

Did you know …

  • Today, there are over 40+ million people trapped in slavery globally—that’s more than ever before in human history.
  • Slavery is prevalent around the world, as you can see from the map below (Source: Global Slavery Index 2016).

Slavery exists around the world.

  • Slavery is a multibillion-dollar industry. Human trafficking generates $150 billion annually.
  • Slave owners prey on the poor and the weak. 1 in 4 victims of forced labor is a child.

Children are also in slavery around the world

Some children in slavery today are forced to work in the fishing industry on Ghana's Lake Volta. Their work is dangerous, as they dive beneath deep waters and untangle the nets from debris beneath.

Slave owners should not be allowed to win.

All around the world, slaves are taken by oppressors who believe that making money matters more than a person’s life.
Driven by greed and overlooked by their local legal systems, these oppressors steal human beings and intimidate them until they feel too small to fight back.
We believe the slave owners should not be allowed to win.
IJM is an organized group of advocates, donors, investigators, social workers, lawyers and government leaders who are executing a proven plan that will stop the modern slave trade in its tracks.

That’s why we swim.

With every lap and every dollar raised, we are helping to bring real freedom and rescue to children, women, men and families who are trapped in slavery.

If a little effort and a little money from each of us combine to give new life to people who are oppressed right now, why not!?
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