Why We Golf

Freedom Drive is an event organized by volunteers who are using their passion to partner with International Justice Mission (IJM) to end slavery in our lifetime.

Today, there are more people trapped in slavery than at any other time in history. This golf tournament is a way for us to use our talents and hobbies for good: with each dollar we raise through Freedom Drive, we are sending rescue to those who are being oppressed.


IJM is the world's largest international anti-slavery organization. It is a movement made up of lawyers, social workers and other professionals and a growing body of committed volunteers. IJM works in almost 20 communities around the world to partner with local leaders to rescue and restore those trapped in slavery and violent injustice, restrain perpetrators, pursue justice in the courts and transform justice systems.


We know that ending slavery in our lifetime will require each of us to do what we can with what we have. If we can help those who are being oppressed by involving our communities in a day on the course, why not? 

Whether you are golfing or giving, we are grateful for your help in ending slavery and violent injustice.