Questions about the swim? Read on!

Helpful Links


Q: How do I know which Wave my team swims in? 

A: Check out our current list of 2020 Teams for who swims when.

Q: How can people volunteer to help on event day?


A: Easy! Contact us and we’ll get you plugged in. We’d love to have you help, and you’ll get a free FS20 shirt as our way of saying thanks!


Q: Who should I contact for questions about my IJM fundraising page?


A: Please email with questions about your IJM page and online donations.


Q: How do I raise pledges?


A: First, come to our Kickoff Party on February 23 from 4:30 to 6:30pm, PlayN Wisconsin (3919 Parmenter St, Middleton) to hear an IJM rep talk about IJM's incredible work. We'll give you essential tools for fundraising, such as pledge sheets and instructions for your IJM fundraising pages to show your friends and family. You’ll also get to take team photos, eat pizza, and hang out with friends on PlayN Wisconsin's trampolines and playsets! Parents also enjoy the chance to ask questions and hear more about IJM. 


Then, tell everyone what you're up to! Use this pledge sheet to keep track of the people you've talked with. Some donors choose to give a flat amount before the event, while others like to motivate swimmers with per-lap pledges (e.g. $1 per lap for a particular swimmer.) Pledges can be given verbally, emailed, or sent from our Sponsor Swimmers page. Donations are given through our IJM campaign pages here and go directly to IJM, a non-profit organization, so donations are tax-deductible.


Q: How do we turn in checks from donors?


A: UNTIL the event: Checks should be marked with swimmer's name and "Freedom Swim" on the memo line. They may be handed in on event day, or mailed in to: International Justice Mission, PO Box 96961, Washington, DC 20090-6961


AFTER the event: When you have checks to send, please email to expect your checks, and include for each: check number, date & amount, donor name, address on check, swimmer name, and team name. The email will allow IJM to attribute checks to your online fundraising page before snail mail gets it there. *Make sure to include a note with checks that you emailed to expect this check. Then send checks directly to: IJM, PO Box 96961, Washington, DC 20090-6961.


Q: What should I do with cash given by donors?


A: If you receive cash from a donor, please keep the cash and write an equivalent check to IJM.


Q: What is the deadline for donations to be counted toward the team prizes?


A: All donations must be received by IJM by mail, email, or online before 3/28/20 at 9:00pm to be counted toward team prizes. Checks and online donations received from then until 4/30 will be part of the Freedom Swim campaign total but not counted toward team prizes.


Q: What are the team prizes? 


A:The top two fundraising teams will receive a variety of valuable gift cards and passes given by local businesses! Some that are included are Sky Zone, Dave & Buster’s, Shoe Box, Chocolate Shoppe, and PlayN Wisconsin!


Q: What should I know for Event Day?


A: Arrival: Please arrive 45-60 minutes before your wave begins to allow time for check-in and team photos. Little Freedom Swimmers will swim their lap about 10 minutes before each wave begins.


What to Bring: Please print (find link here), fill out, and bring our Pledge Info Card for each swimmer (or we'll give you one when you arrive). This will help us keep tabs on our fundraising totals as the swimmers' laps go up! Also bring goggles, towels, water bottle, and energy!


T-shirts: We will allow t-shirts to be exchanged or bought ($10) as long as we have extras.


Ethical Trade Company will be selling beautiful fair trade products on the pool deck!


Q: What is included in my registration fee?


A: You will receive a t-shirt (made by rescued women in India through Freeset!), swim cap, food (Chick-fil-A, Yola's Cafe) and a great goodie bag at the event, not to mention being part of something awesome!


Q: Is my registration transferrable/refundable?


A: Sure -- if you decide not to swim, please try to find a substitute swimmer! If you can't find a sub, we'll refund your registration, up to 7 days before the event.


Q: Do I have to fundraise to be part of this event?


A: No. Fundraising is totally at the discretion of each swimmer/family. But we're fundraising to end slavery... we do hope you'll at least ask a few people!


Q: Do I have to bring a printed ticket to the event?


A: No. We'll check you in by name when you arrive, but you do need to be registered in advance.


Q: What happens if our team doesn't find enough swimmers?


A: If you can't find 6 or more swimmers, we will do our best to help you form a team. 6 is the minimum to qualify for team prizes, to help us offset event costs. We reserve the right to move swimmers between teams as needed, although we'll do our best to keep you with your peeps! If you wind up swimming with a team of less than 6, that is ok, and your efforts in fundraising and swimming are JUST as important!


Q: What are the rules for swimmers?


A: Swimmers are allowed to use flotation, wetsuits, kickboards. No diving, no running, no flippers. Food is allowed in the lobby area of the pool but not on deck. At least one swimmer must remain in the lane during the entire 2 hours in order to qualify for team prizes. Have fun!


Q: Are spectators allowed to stand by the lanes?


A: Sure, as long as it doesn't become too hard for swimmers and lap counters to move around -- just be considerate of others in this regard.


Q: What should swimmers do when they need a break?


A: Hop out of the water but stay by your lane whenever you can. Of course bathroom breaks are necessary sometimes! Cold? There's free hot chocolate in the lobby for swimmers, or... just start swimming again!


Q: Would leaving early disqualify a swimmer from the team prizes?


A: No, as long as someone from the team is still swimming until the end of your wave.


Q: What about food?


A: Food is not allowed on the pool deck, so it needs to stay in the lobby or outside. Cups with lids are allowed on deck. Swimmers can take turns with teammates going to the lobby for a quick snack provided for them at 11:00 (First Wave), 1:15 (Second Wave), or 3:30 (Third Wave). After each wave, there will be a meal (provided by Yola's Cafe and Chick-fil-A) in the lobby for each swimmer.


Q: Can swimmers under age 6 swim?


A: Yes! Siblings ages 3-6 are invited to join our "Little Freedom Swimmers" team! Each will swim one lap, assisted by a parent/adult, before the main event begins. Little Freedom Swimmers can fundraise, but pay no registration fee (and therefore would need to purchase a t-shirt). Contact us if your child is interested in being a Little Freedom Swimmer (no registration required).