Race to Rescue

Join us on June 20, 2020

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For some, being on lockdown doesn’t equal safety. Now more than ever, those trapped in violence and slavery need our help to break free from their abusers. On Saturday, June 20, and Sunday, June 21, we’re racing for their rescue. Join us nationally as we unite as walkers, runners, bikers, and every type of movers for a new kind of racethe race to rescue those who are unsafe in lockdown 



Whether you take on a 5K through your city, a 10K on the trails, or an entire marathon on your back porch (like this guy), you can help us get one step closer to bringing every single person trapped in slavery home safely. Ready? Commit your miles, recruit your sponsors and start training! Customize your race to make it what you want--run it solo, join a team, or even create your own. Make it your move, your way!



You won’t be alone. Leading up to the race, we’ll have coaches equipping you with special training plans, tips, and playlists to motivate you throughout the entire month and help you reach your goals. Together, let’s bring those trapped in slavery and violence to safety. The Race to Rescue is onNow, it’s your move. 






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