Ted Doberstein  - 8th Annual Angling for Life Days 2022 profile picture

Ted Doberstein - 8th Annual Angling for Life Days 2022

2022 Fund Urgent Needs

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Welcome to the 8th Annual Angling for Life Days!

Our angler team continues to expand every year to help us achieve our mission to unite all anglers to fight world hunger and injustice with compassion and provision with anglers fishing on their favorite lakes in the U.S. and Canada. Through personal donations and guided fishing trip auctions on our Facebook page, the generosity of the angler community is displayed. Every year is better than the year before as you help us grow and rescue the most vulnerable among us!  

Did you know: today, there are more people living in slavery than at any other time in history? But there's good news: we can be part of changing that. We can Fund Freedom!  IJM is the only organization that rescues the vulnerable and helps them from rescue through arrest and prosecution of their captors.

Here is how you can help!  Support IJM by making a donation! The process is fast, easy and secure, and you can rest assured that your gift will help to bring people out of slavery and into restoration.

Thank you for your generous support!

Ted Doberstein

Founder, Angling for Life


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