Valor /ˈvalə/ (noun): Great courage in the face of danger.

London Valor is a fashion brand that seeks to positively impact society and empower people throughout the world.

We are partnering with International Justice Mission (IJM) to bring freedom to victims of modern slavery. As the largest international anti-slavery organization in the world, IJM works to disrupt the slave trade industry by way of rescue and prevention. IJM has rescued more than 45,000 people, helped local authorities arrest more than 3,500 suspected slave owners and criminals, and continue to ensure laws against slavery are enforced, making it legally and financially impossible for slave owners to stay in business. 

We can't imagine a better way to support an organization so aligned with our core values.

Join us in this movement of valor. The process is fast, easy and secure... fund freedom today!

The impact of your gift: 

  • $50 can pay for a share of start-up costs for a widow's small business
  • $95 can provide one day of legal representation for innocent prisoners
  • $180 can provide access to medical care for a survivor of sexual abuse
  • $500 can provide a DNA detection bluelight for undercover investigators
  • $800 can teach a community how to stop violence before it starts
  • $6,300 can pay for one slavery rescue operation


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