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Race to Rescue 2021

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Welcome to First Presbyterian Church's Race To Rescue Team Page

Several people from our church are participating this year to help draw attention to the reality of slavery and IJM's work to combat it in the name of Jesus.  There are over 40 million people trapped in modern day slavery today, and 1 in 4 of those people are children. Instead of playing, growing, and learning they are enslaved to work tirelessly in inhumane conditions.

International Justice Mission has worked for over 20 years to rescue and protect people from violence. IJM and their partners collaborate with local authorities to strengthen justice systems, building communities where all people can expect to be safe and protected.

We have been blessed by our partnership with IJM over the last several years.  We're racing and praying and giving to get one step closer to bringing every single child trapped in slavery home safely.  Check out our different teams and their races.  Feel free to support them in any way you can.  If you aren't familiar with IJM, please check out their website to learn more about their mission and see their stories of rescue.  Let's all Race To Rescue!


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