Race to Restore 2024

Join us on January 1, 2024

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One race. One mission. One step at a time. Until All Are Free.

Justice for survivors of violence is a journey that requires hard work, commitment, endurance, and a passionate, supportive community that refuses to quit.

IJM and Dressember are joining forces to lace up and put our words into action by running the Race to Restore.

Join people from across the country who are passionate about justice and want to do something tangible to impact survivors everywhere who need support. Whether you want to walk, jog, bike, run or rollerblade across the finish line, every step you take towards the finish line helps encourage a survivor on their journey towards flourishing in health, safety and freedom.

Here’s how it works:  

  1. Join a team or start one of your own 
  2. Download your Digital Fundraising Toolkit
  3. Set a fundraising goal and tell all your friends
  4. Share why you’re running to help restore survivors to safety and strength 
  5. Lace up and start training
  6. Run the race
  7. Celebrate the impact you helped make for survivors around the world! 

Ready? Commit your miles, recruit your sponsors and start training! Customize your race to make it what you want—run it solo, join a team, or even create your own. Make it your move, your way!    

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